PositiveSingles Review

Positive Singles is absolutely the best online dating site for people with herpes. It has a history of over 15 years and over 1,127,700 members have registered here. It provides a safe and private environment for people with herpes to make friends, share experiences, and date online. Everyone can find support from others who are similarly infected with no prejudice, no criticism, no judgement.



Both standard and gold members can have the rights as followings:

Only Gold Member can have the rights as folowings:


Positive Singles respect the members' privacy and the actual email address of the member is kept confidential. You can send an anonymous email through your email program to the username at the site. You can also use any other email id by changing it in your Account. When the receiver views your email, they will not be able to see your actual email address, but only the username.


Positive Singles offers the STD community a great means of finding soul mates, without being afraid of rejection on account of your infection. It is the best place for you looking for partners with herpes.


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